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 The material found on this page is dedicated to my studies on world religions with a particular focus on Near Eastern World Religions: Judaism, Christianity, & Islam. 

If interested in seeing some of the most significant places of archeological, biblical, cultural, historical, and religious sites of Israel, consider joining us for our next tour! Contact me for details. 

Religious StudiesReligions as Worldviews

The Western Wall in Jerusalem. 

Supplement What is Religion?

 This powerpoint presentation is in PDF. 

Supplement: Development of World Religions Chart

 This chart adapts Dr. Winfried Corduan's work on original monotheism and provides his brief summary of world religions from his book, A Tapestry of Faiths: The Common Threads Between Christianity & World Religions. 

Lecture 3: A Closer Look at Worldview Thinking

 This is a supplement to my discussion on why so many people have so many different views when it comes to religious beliefs, positions, and views. 

Supplement: How to Think Multidisciplinary & Interdisciplinary

Religious studies is a unique field of studty that can be approached in a very rich multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary ways. We are able to use anthropology, the arts, history, literature, philosophy, science, sociology, and theology to study a religious phenomon, religious constructs, rituals, beliefs, etc.If thinking multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary is new to you, check out this introduction I've written for you. In fact, whether you take additional religious studies courses or not, learning to think multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary will only benefit you no matter what area or season of life you find yourself engaging. 

Lecture 4a Timeline for Jewish People & Israel Nation

 This historical timeline is in PDF.

Lecture 4b Judaism: Chart on Exodus

 This is a chart on Exodus from a Judeo-Christian interpretation. It is in PDF. 

Judaism: Supplement: Absolute Name of G-d in Exodus 3:14

 This is a helpful chart that unpacks the ontological nature of G-d in Exodus 3:14. It is in PDF. 

Judaism: Names of G-d in Hebrew Bible

 This handout is in PDF. 

Lecture 5a: Biblical Covenants in Judaism

 Here is a powerpoint presentation in PDF for visual learners in the class regarding the biblical covenants. 

Lecture 5b: Review: Biblical Covenants Outline In Judaism

 This is an outline of the Biblical Covenants as discussed in class. It is in PDF.

Supplement: Anthropology and Harmartology

 Here are summary notes on anthropology and harmartiology. It is in PDF. 

Supplement: Harmartiology

 Here is a powerpoint that compliments summary notes on Christianity's views regarding harmartiology.

Supplement: Why Jewish and Gentile Christians Believe Jesus is the Messiah Predicted in Hebrew Bible

 Here is an expanded discussion of my lecture on why Jewish & Christians believe Jesus is not only the God-man, but the predicted Messiah of the Hebrew Bible. It is in PDF. 

Supplement: Christian Views on Eschatology

 Here is a summary of the eschatological positions we have discussed in class. It is powerpoint in PDF.  

Supplement: Copy of the Pseudo-Ephraim

 This is a 4th-7th century document affirming a futuristic view of eschatology including a pretribulational rapture and a future Anti-christ. 

Lecture 7: Zoroastrianism

 This chart focuses on both the periods of Zoroastrian history and the ancient Indo-Aryan religion. It is in PDF.

Lecture 15b: Sociological & Psychological Signs & Symptoms of a Cult

Here is an introduction to the sociological & psychological signs & symptoms of a cult. 

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