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About Paul

~ Sea of Galilee

Paul R. Shockley is a philosophy lecturer at Stephen F. Austin State University with the Division of Multidisciplinary Programs and a lecturer for Religious Studies at the University of Miami.

B.A. History, Stephen F. Austin State University;

Th.M. Theology, Dallas Theological Seminary;

M.A. Humanities - History of Ideas, the University of Texas-Dallas;

Ph.D. Philosophy, Texas A&M University (College Station, Texas). 

He also served in the United States Naval Reserves and received an honorable discharge. 

Beginning Fall 2020 Dr. Shockley begins graduate work (MA) in Interdisciplinary Studies at Stephen F. Austin State University with a threefold concentration: art history, educational leadership, & sociology.

Doc Shock's areas of interest include Aesthetics, Art History, Existentialism, Hermeneutics, History of Philosophy, Moral Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Religious Studies, Sociological Theory, and phenomenological social structures d reality. His dissertation at Texas A&M centered on the religious implications of John Dewey's aesthetics.

In view of his interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary background, Doc Shock's interests involve seven related areas of thought:

(1) Critiques of reductionism and fact/value splits in thought and life; 

(2) The dynamic relationship between the arts, everyday living, and community;

(3) The examination of the existential issues of the human condition in worldview thinking;

(4) The corresponding thesis between virtue and deontological ethics; 

(5) The pursuit, problems, perils, and promises of pleasure;

(6) Sociology of religion with particular emphases involving social and moral constructs, use of the arts in worship, bioethics, environmental ethics, and the relationship between aesthetic and religious experiences; 

(7) Sociological theories as tools to help explain human experience, constructs, trends, power of media, and what it means to be human.

Co-authored with Raul F. Prezas, Shockley has released a book aimed at "first-generation" students to help prepare them for college or university educational experience, namely, Thinking with Excellence: Navigating the College Journey & Beyond (New York: Two Creeks Publishing Group, 2019). While geared to those whose parents have never attended a college or university, this book is a beneficial tool for any person who is planning to pursue an undergraduate, graduate, or even vocational education. It offers students, regardless of age or background, face-to-face format or online education, a primer, a launching pad of sorts, in order to navigate through the pleasures and perils of academia in order to have the most transformative, equipping educational experience. This book is also an excellent high school graduation gift!

Along with Dr. Timothy Demy, Shockley is co-editor of Evangelical America: An Encyclopedia of Contemporary American Religious Culture (ABC-CLIO). 

In 2022, "Theism and the Universal Signature of the Arts," was published in Apologetical Aesthetics. Published by Wipf and Stock. 

 In 2015, "Human Limitations, The Hermeneutics of Suspicion, and the Holy Spirit's Ministry of Illumination" in The Theory and Practice of Biblical Hermeneutics: Essays in Honor of Dr. Elliott E. Johnson (Silverton, OR: Lampion Press), eds by H. Wayne House and Forrest S. Weiland was published (click book image to learn more).

His article, "A Way of Seeing War and Peace: Methodologies of Michel Foucault" in Philosophers and War, edited by Timothy J. Demy, Eric Patterson, and Jeffrey Shaw (Stone Tower Books, 2017) is now available on Amazon (click book image for link to Amazon page):

Finding Fulfillment in an Age of Captivity. This forthcoming work explores the existential struggles of the human condition (e.g., happiness; hope; meaning; purpose; identity; fulfillment).

Paul R. Shockley, Worship As Experience: An Inquiry into John Dewey's Aesthetics, the Arts, and the Culture Gap. This work applies John Dewey's critique of and contribution to aesthetics (primarily, Art as Experience) to corporate worship experiences in the local church. This work is published by SFASU Academic Press and is now available from Amazon:

Forthcoming: The Lampion Glossary of Philosophy.  This work, which is one volume in a wide-range series in general education, is a dictionary of philosophical terms to assist the general reader and undergraduate student with a basic understanding of major terms in philosophy (Stone Tower Books, 2018). 

1998 article, "Postmodernism as a Basis for Society?" in God of the Bible and Other Gods by Dr. Robert P. Lightner (Grand Rapids: Kregel, 1998).

While at Dallas Theological Seminary Paul was awarded the John F. Walvoord Award in Eschatology (1998), Fred C. Lincoln Award in Bible Exposition (2002,) and the Robert and Rosemary Cromwell Scholarship Award. Paul was also the receiptient of the Stephen F. Austin State University's Senate Faculty Texas Excellence Award (2022).

His hobbies include beekeeping, gardening, painting, scuba diving, weightlifting, and exploring the culture, geography, and history of the Holy Land.



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