"Being unable to cure death, wretchedness, and ignorance, men [and women] have decided, in order to be happy, not to think about such things."  ~ Blaise Pascal, Pensees (133).

"Our lives are empty. We cannot face the vacuum. So we fill our lives up with junk, with trash, with refuse.... we divert ourselves from our real needs.... We invent little problems and hold them close, fixating on them to block us from seeing the bigger problems." ~ Thomas V. Moore, Making Sense of it All: Pascal and the Meaning of Life, pp. 32-33.  

"The only good thing for men therefore is to be diverted from thinking of what they are, either by some occupation which takes their minds off it, or by some novel and agreeable passion which keeps them busy, like gambling, hunting, some absorbing show, in short by what is called diversion" ~ Blaise Pascal, Pensees (136).

 About Paul 

Paul R. Shockley is Professor of Bible & Theology at the College of Biblical Studies-Houston, adjunct faculty at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary's J. Havard School of Theology (Houston campus), and full-time adjunct faculty (philosophy) at Stephen F. Austin State University's division of Multidisciplinary Studies in Nacogdoches, Texas. Paul is also teaching a philosophy course for Fall 2014 at Houston Baptist University. 

Paul received his B.A. in History, Stephen F. Austin State University; Th.M in both Bible Exposition and Systematic Theology, Dallas Theological Seminary; M.A.Humanities - History of Ideas, the University of Texas-Dallas; Ph.D., Philosophy, Texas A&M University. His philosophical areas of interest include Aesthetics, History of Philosophy, Moral Philosophy, and Philosophy of Religion. His theological interests include Systematic Theology, Bible Exposition (particularly Hermeneutics; Wisdom Literature; Johannine Literature), Hermeneutics, and Historical Theology. 

While at Dallas Theological Seminary he was rewarded the John F. Walvoord Award in Eschatology and Fred C. Lincoln Award in Bible Exposition.  

Paul's philosophical dissertation is titled, "Bridging the Culture Gap: How John Dewey's Aesthetics May Benefit the Local Church" (Texas A&M University, 2010). 

He is married to Jill and have four children:  Schaeffer Wesley, Spencer Paul, Seth Michael, and Julianna Grace.  They reside in Stafford, Texas.

His hobbies include gardening, painting, scuba diving, weightlifting, and exploring the culture, geography, and history of the Holy Land.

Dr. Paul R. Shockley
C/O College of Biblical Studies
7000 Regency Square Blvd., Houston, Texas 77036
Phone: 713.785.5995

Email: paul.shockley@cbshouston.edu

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